Types of Library Resources

Great program, I can say, the programming does not just exist in a vacuum. Every application requires other programs and resources to run. Some think the most straightforward program which is “hello world” doesn’t need function call or library functions which will help you to the compiler and display the output on the user interface. The libraries are essential in any programming language, and They are called in a program to import all the predetermined functions.


Most of the programmers know the standard libraries which are used in operating systems and the programming language. A practical java programming language guide is handy. The programming language specifications define these example that we import a library class of stdio.h which provides the printf() function in c programming to give the output of “hello world” allowing the text to be printed to the user interface. The stdio.h function also allows a programmer to call other functional class to ask input from the user and compile the program and display the desired output. All these functions are defined in C library.


The higher a programming language more defined libraries it has.C ++ and java have a more advanced library which is not predefined in C programming language.we can see that Swig library is in Java and a graphical library which helps you create GUI which are not replicated in C and C++.


The other class of libraries that programmers use is the OS libraries, This is a library built into the OS and allows programmers get access to the tools and full access of the computer such as information on the users.


To conclude this list of libraries we have the third party libraries. This class of libraries is assumed by many programmers, but some functions in this library are essential. Like the LibAV function which performs the video and audio encoding. There are many AV formats, and writing code can be complicated and tiring. But calling the libAV function and adding the library to your application allowing you work with ease.


The crucial thing to recall as a programmer when using the programming libraries is the copyright issues. Like the LibAv has different licensing requirements depending on the, i.e. GPL or GNU depending on the version and some are free and open software.


One important thing to remember as a programmer is that these libraries have been written for a long time so you may call a library and have bugs but this is likely not be the library as the previous programmers must have noted that and tested and fixed the issue in the library.