Will Windows 8 work on an old laptop? That is a question that many people have since the latest version of Windows was recently release. Ultrawide curved monitor for mac. Windows 8 was built with the same statistical requirements that Windows 7 and Windows Vista had. However, that line is further grey out with the release of Windows 8.

Technically, Windows 8 will run even on a Pentium III, with 256MB of RAM, as seen on YouTube. However, you will not be able to install Windows 8 on such a processor because the setup files won’t let you. The processor itself is fully capable of getting the job done. The problem is that the setup files are written to stop the installation with an error if you do not meet a minimal requirement. According to the Microsoft website, the minimal requirements state that you need at least a 1GHz with SSE2 and NX features. All though the only consumer CPU that offers both features at 1GHz is the VIA C7. The same goes for the ram. If you don’t have enough RAM installed at the time of installation or if you have your laptop running off of its battery then the setup will not continue.

To get just about any processor above 1GHz to run Windows 8 you will need to install the operating system on a computer with all the requirements. Then you can swap the hard drive for a chance to have it work on your older system. In most cases, the chipsets will have to be compatible in some way. Most Intel 900 series chipsets will work together. This means you have a good chance to pull a hard drive from a PC with a Intel 945 chipset and use it in an Intel 915 chipset. Personally, the only problem I’ve ever run into with these two chipsets is switching from one that had an NVIDIA graphics controller when the other did not. You would run into some resource issues when trying to install the graphics controller. The only solution I found was to reinstall Windows which is not an option when you need Windows 8 to work on an older laptop.